Who is richie sambora dating

Racked: What do Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of the band think of the line? Everybody's very supportive in the band of each other's individual projects. That's what I think is the main ingredient that keeps this band together almost thirty years now.

Lund filed a report Wednesday after Sambora said he would make her "disappear," a source told the magazine.

It will drive you right to a site where you can see everything. This collection is a little more airy, a little more ready to wear, so to speak. Racked: What type of woman—although we kind of have an idea from the name White Trash Beautiful—would you say wears your clothing? The name is a little bit funky, so we're going to keep it at WTB. So I've been kind of doing this haphazardly for a long time, but now there's a concept behind it...

Richie: I think any woman could wear this collection, really. I think the name might constitute some kind of negative connotation but it's really just fun. Actually a turning point for me, was when I was about twenty eight years old and I started dating Cher. You shouldn't wear this with that; what was right for the occasion. Richie: Absolutely, I think you bring everything in your life to where you are at this point, right now.

Obviously she's a fashionista, she taught me a lot. Because when you're a kid you don't know that kind of stuff, especially when you're a man. Everything I see on women walking down the street is a big part of my input in this particular line. I think that clothes are an expression for women especially. Empower women, make them feel like they are an individual, make them feel sexy.

Cause everybody's got a little bit of white trash in them. Everybody wants to be a little sexy and a little trashy. Racked: You've mastered one creative field, what's it like starting as a novice in another one?

Racked: When did you start being interested in doing a collection and what made you take the plunge?

Richie: It's great, that's the beauty to life, that you never stop learning. I'm learning a lot about retail, and about fashion retail and all this other stuff, all over the world.

It's a great experience and I'm having fun because I get to create in a whole other realm. My daughter walked in both the LA shows that we've done.

She came over my house a couple of days later, with a truck-load full of fabrics and we just started to jam just almost like song writers.

We started putting fabrics together—we'll make a skirt out of this, and we'll compliment it with this, that, and the other thing.

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